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About Me

I worked in Banking for over 17years, and many other industries prior to that.

 I Decided that I could no longer work in an environment that didn't stimulate me; where energies were so negative and toxic it was making me sick. Where no one was True to themselves or spoke their Truth anymore.

I wanted "Me" back again and to be able to do something I was passionate about which would also really help others. 

Having had a prolonged period of illness and physical pain, I decided to opt for holistic and alternative methods of healing to aid my recovery due to numerous appointments with "Specialists" within the NHS all fruitless and all time consuming.

It became apparent that a lot of my physical symptoms had manifested as a result of ignoring or coping with a lot of stress, trauma and emotional hurt.

I had already started exploring, studying,and gaining qualifications in various ancient healing modalities so decided to pursue this passion of mine in order to spread the word to others.

My aim is to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of complimentary medicine. I am passionate about teaching you the need to look after your mental, emotional and physical bodies, and how illness can manifest itself if symptoms are ignored . I want every client I see to go away a better version of themselves as a result of working with me . I want you to know who you really are and the importance of being true to your needs. You will fully understand that every other part of your life will benefit from you being fully present and in harmony with yourself.

My clients are from all ages and all backgrounds. I am constantly studying and adding to the list of therapies I offer to enhance what I am able to offer you.

I work from a place of True Integrity with each clients best interests at heart. 

Through my continued work with reiki healing and chakras, I have learned that we store negative energy, trauma, past relationship issues, and any other emotional hurts in our womb area.

This applies to men as well as women . There is no requirement to have a physical womb in order to store negative energy in this area of the body known as the sacral chakra.

I have been lucky enough recently to have received the 13th rite of the Monay -Ki:

known as the Rite of the Womb.

This allows me to pass this ancient sacred Rite onto any other Woman, Man or child who wishes to receive it.

This helps to clear past remnants of negativity or trauma.

 If you would like to know more please just ask me.

I do hope you feel drawn to work with me and discover more about yourself.

I look forward to meeting you.

Much love

Jacqueline xxx

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